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Stand, stand, and stand on,
Child with eyes like darkened stars,
I know the journey seems too long,
But your story makes the journey worth the time.

I know the mountains look too high,
The rivers look too strong,
But little child, I know, I know,
Angels will not let you toil alone.

You will walk in front of a heavy crowd,
Many will jeer, and your small heart will break,
But you must listen, listen, for not far off,
Some will call and cheer in your name.

You will climb great mountains,
And never see yourself for who you are,
You should stop climbing, sometimes,
And look back on where you were.

Your little heart is destined,
Sometimes, with many hard breaks,
But you are greater than your pain,
I know rewards will litter the way.

Your journey will not be perfect,
You will slip, and yes, you will fall,
But you cannot quit in your journey,
What you can do is greater than who you are.

You are blessed in some circumstances,
Never forget what you have been gifted,
Without help from God above,
Your journey could not be done.

Just remember, little child,
I know where you will go,
And someone is wishing, hopefully wishing,
That good luck will walk with you each day.





First, people say how so many actresses in Hollywood look anorexic, and now they are criticizing me for looking normal.

i love her so much, i truly believe she is the modern day marilyn monroe

She’s one of the most talented/beautiful actresses, in my opinion.

omg i want to fuck her

whoops - i meant..

no that’s definitely what i meant.

She is so fucking beautiful, just saying.

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